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Mission Vision

Our friends from Mission Vision did it again. A team of eye care professionals showed up yesterday at NCM and helped get over 40 low income people who lack eye care insurance brand new glasses! And Ann our resident shelter dog got in on the fun too.


ReRamp has been a GREAT Success!!!!

You did it! By reaching the $12,000 crowdfunding goal you have assured that your food insecure neighbors will shop in their Community Food Pantry with more dignity and they will return to their families and jobs more quickly. Every dollar you help to raise above the $12,000 goal goes directly to the purchase of food for…


ReRamp the pantry

Our Food Pantry has long been in need of some renovation–a ReRamp! To allow people to get through the pantry in a more expedient manner and to create a safer environment we have launched a crowd funding page. All the money raised will go towards the upgrade of the delivery ramp in the pantry as…


An apple for every kid!

  Help us surpass last year’s total raised for the Food Pantry at the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community. This is One last reminder to encourage Northside Food Pantry supporters to come out on Saturday May 16 at 9am to Stage AE on the Northside to help keep our food shelves stocked.  Every dollar…